Sign the “Dear Lou,” Letter

Things can always change if enough people want them to.

If you believe it’s time to create a stronger, more prosperous St. Louis region once and for all, sign this letter using your name and email and please share on social media to inspire others to do the same.

Dear Lou,

I hereby add my name to a growing list of St. Louisans who believe there is a better St. Louis for all of us and who wish to see our region become all that it can be.

For far too long, our region’s high levels of poverty and communities in decline have harmed generations of St. Louisans and have contributed to our region’s most pressing challenges–from failing schools to increased crime, slow economic growth, and our region’s long steady decline in prosperity and national prominence.

In order to change our region’s trajectory and create greater prosperity for us all, it’s vital that we begin investing in our under-resourced communities.

Things can always change if enough people want them to. We have the resources, talent, and expertise to make this change a reality. Our only lack has been a critical mass of commitment.

I encourage others to join me by adding their name to this petition and call to action to address the source of our region’s challenges to create a stronger and more prosperous St. Louis—once and for all.

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