Our Region Doesn’t Need Another Band-Aid. It Needs a Solution.

In a recent article I wrote for the St. Louis Business Journal called How St. Louis Became America’s Comeback City, I started with the premise of, what if this became a reality? And if so, what would a solution or effort to help create such a reality look like?

Without going into details of this solution, I wrote how, to be that effective, it would have to look and feel very different than anything we’ve done before.

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Bringing St. Louis Business Leaders Together

Please join us on Tuesday morning, April 26, at the Living World in the St. Louis Zoo for a special event presented by Beyond Housing and hosted by the St. Louis Business Journal called Once and for All: The Role of Business in Moving St. Louis Forward. The event will feature St. Louis business leaders and Beyond Housing CEO Chris Krehmeyer discussing how business can help propel our region forward, once and for all.

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